After all, the streets continue like lyrics written by rat in the city.
Photographs by Ryuhei Yokoyama

1,500JPY | 210×297mm | 32page | Black & White | softcover
Limited 30 copies | Signed & Numbered

Published in september 2016

About this book
I’m always following the same kind of image as I'm wandering about TOKYO, a city filled with wasted news and people dreaming with faint expectation. It’s as if I’m seeing a fragment of Henry Chinaski’s life, as he spends every fleeting day drinking Jack Daniels and looking for a slut to pass the time with. The sight is shuttered viciously in the monochrome film and they are sitting in front of us with no shame, at times they're sparking and at other times seductive. This is a collection of evil and slothful photographs taken of this beloved unbuilt world by a drunken photographer, RYUHEI YOKOYAMA. This is the part two in the trilogy,「A city and things」published by CITYRAT press.

Artist Statement
A trailer for AKIRA at the cinema, the gradual decline of JAPAN NATIONAL STADIUM, GRAFFITI, MONTANA spray thrown to the track side, a poster of SUPREME, the bustle of SHIBUYA, an empty Jack Daniel’s bottle. By the roadside of Utagawa city, located in the shade of a building, as I stopped to exchange the film, a woman who had a large hat on was going past. She was showing her dashing back, and moved off into the light. At an intersection near the station, in a gap in the asphalt, a rat was playing with the light. This book was completed as the town I love, my memories, and anything I found interesting passed through my lens.

Artist Information
Ryuhei Yokoyama   || Official Website ||
Ryuhei Yokoyama the photographer born in 1979
published the photograph collection, "TOKYO, UNTITLED"
solo exhibition, "Far from Images" Library lounge THESE , Tokyo
solo exhibition, "About a street and other pictures" Library lounge THESE , Tokyo
participated in issuing “Photography Magazine 81LAB." as the art director published the photograph collection,
"Press the button of the camera like a drunken pianist do" also held the solo exhibition with the same title as the photograph collection at the main store of Aoyama Book Center and Jiyugaoka Branch , Tokyo
solo exhibition, "29℃ 12minuts , The end of film burnt" 81LAB.GALLERY , Osaka
Two-person exhibition 「A ROAD」 at 81LAB gallery and gallery la galerie , Osaka
exhibited his work, "A city and things" at "Fanatic Monochrome", "Exploration of Monochrome Expressions Through Art" and the Bachelor of Visual Arts at Osaka Seikei University ,Kyoto
solo exhibition, "A city and things , Repetition/Update" at Gallery main , Kyoto
also exhibited the work in "Kyoto Current Exhibition Vol. 4" at the Annex of the Kyoto Art Museum , Kyoto
solo exhibition, "SILENCE" at Gallery main , Kyoto
also exhibited the work in "KYOTO GRAPHIE+"galleryMain + GALLERY 9 kyoto" archives" at gallery 9, Kyoto  
And some other works for group exhibitions.
lives in TOKYO.

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