We appreciate for all that you encourage us establishing
our photo publishing label, ‘ CITY RAT press.’

The situation of today’s photo publishing industry is severe. It's difficult even for a well-known photographer who creates an excellent work to publish a photo book. There are several causes, but the one is because it's to say that it isn't directly profitable by offset publishing. Under the circumstance, most young photographers cannot reach goal to make photo books. That environment tends to shrink the photo book industry. However, it is possible to publish even small edition by well improved ondemand system. Also, it’s easier to expand our book info through SNS on internet. By those facts, we wonder if we can re-create a new publishing system for those young photographers.

Well known photographers like Araki or Moriyama used to make private photo books, for instance ‘Sentimental journey’ by Araki or ‘ Another Country’ by Moriyama,  to sell. And now, it is so hard to get those books. On our label, we have decided to make 50books or less. It sounds small number, but realistic to continue making books. Our photographers are not yet famous even they already have had many exhibitions. But, those books will be found to get evaluated again sometime. We’re sure it is going to happen. Those original print photos can be bought through web. From photo book to original print, that is our ideal goal.

It is our goal to sell nice photo books with decent price. You can just get books of your favorite photographer, or you can invest them as collector. Your action will give those photographers new energy to make something new.

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