Photographs by Yoshiaki Suito

1200JPY+tax | 594×840mm | 16 images | color | softcover
Limited 50 copies

Published in November 2015

Artist Statement
I often wonder how people are able to just remain cool without doing nothing.

Everyday right around sunset, local residents in Havana, Cuba, take chairs out on the streets or sit directly on their doorsteps. I’m not sure if they are out cooling themselves off of day’s heat as dusk rolls in, or clearing their head before having dinner after siesta. It just looks like they are killing time, or should I say, waiting for something
As a Japanese who considers myself to be not-so-misfit to the respected society, I’d feel guilty or at least impatient for not doing anything. So these Cubans appear mentally strong to me not to be rushed or secured to do anything, which is a mentality I know I don’t have.

In Cuban official language of Spanish, a verb “esperar” means not only “to wait” but “to hope” as well. After acknowledging that, those Cubans on the streets in dusk appear to me as folks hoping something.

Most of us Japanese mistake being busy with being purposelessly active. We should allow ourselves to get another point of view for the art of hoping. It is my hope to show that on the streets of Havana.

Artist Information
Yoshiaki Suito   || Official Website ||

1978 Born on October in Osaka, Japan.

2003 City University of NewYork, LaGuardia community college, commercial photography major.

Solo exhibition
2015  ‘ Calle Esperanza’ at Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo
2010  ‘ SAM’ at galleryMain, Kyoto

Group exhibition
2011  ‘SAM’ at Mio OSAKA, Osaka
2011  ‘Ricky’ at Athens, Osaka

2015  Konica Minolta Fotopremio
2010  Mio Osaka

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