Relation, appropriate distance #prototype
Photographs by Yuki Nakazawa

2,000JPY | 297×210mm | 48page | color
softcover | Limited 50 copies
Signed & Numbered

Published in september 2014

About Book
This photo-book was made as prototype for the project "Relation,apporopriate distance" which is carried out by Yuki Nakazawa now inprogress.
The photographs are taken by the telephoto lens of the digital camera, and digital structure such as a compression effect and the plane naturestrongly leaves to them.

Artist Statement
How things are perceived change when angle and distance change.
Just as relationships change with distance.

Relationships only start when there are A and B.
Just as distances come into being only once you have A and B.

In a photo, previously unrelated things start relating to each other
and create a new world.

In photography is revealed the question of “perception”.


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